Flocked Christmas Tree

Flocking refers to the process of covering Christmas trees with artificial snow. This process allows for a range of stunning effects, from completely snow covered trees to lightly covered tips, and even piles of “snow” on individual branches, with more or less of the green needles shining through. If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, we’ve made it easier than ever to bring home a flocked tree. Just select from one of our many ready-to-go flocked trees or choose your own green tree and have it custom flocked and pick it up in a couple of days. All flocked trees include a wood stand and are put in plastic bags for protection while transporting. Flocking not only adds the charm of winter to your tree, but it also acts as a flame retardant to reduce fire risks and is non-toxic. Our premium flocking is professionally applied and stays on for months on end, so your tree will retain its dreamy winter white look for weeks to come. If for any reason some flock has fallen on your carpet, tile or any other surfaces it can be easily vacuumed without the fair of staining your floor.  Flocked trees can be decorated like any other tree, with the white snow providing an exquisite canvas for colorful ornaments. Depending on the tree model, heavy flocking can also cover some of the lights on your tree, which creates a magical soft glow and adds to the charm of the tree. We can also flock your tree in another color upon your request.